WE all believe illegal drugs are bad, but as the story in today’s Mail-Times shows, even legal drugs have ramifications.
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The Millington family of Nhill lost their son and brother Simon Millington on February 1, 2010, after he took a prescription drug overdose. They were prescribed by a GP at Simon’s request.

What this demonstrates is that Victoria – and every other state and territory – need a real-time monitoring system, like Tasmania, for GPs to log what a patient has already been prescribed, when and where.

A system like this would help save lives.

However, although Victoria was meant to have this system by July, it is now in Federal Government hands and could take years to implement.

Drug companies too need to be held accountable, as do medical professionals.

People should not be prescribed opiates like OxyContin so freely, and in packs of 20 when a packet of five would do.

Yes, people should receive pain relief after an accident or operation, but not to the extent that they become addicted.

This problem is more widespread than people in the Wimmera realise and needs to be addressed.

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