I’M in an end of term funk, and it’s not even the end of term yet.

All of a sudden I’m exhausted and ready for a couple of weeks off school and all things extracurricular.

Believe me, I’m not the only one who is overwrought. My poor leather wallet – searched daily for coins – lies beside my handbag looking slightly harassed and completely spent.

Bus money, bank books and lunch orders aside, there has been a huge increase in the demand for correct change this fortnight, leaving my purse perplexed and panting.

Each of my three daughters required $4.40 for Sav Day, my 10-year-old needed $7 for interschool basketball, there was $1.35 for the prep bus trip to the supermarket and $22 for a grade two restaurant excursion. The $58 to lock-in a term three swimming program went way beyond my loose change’s call of duty.

The ridiculous commitment I made to pay the girls $1 per instrument practice is a constant drain on coinage, the demand for which can no longer be maintained purely through the collection of all stray coins from my husband’s hat, combined with the washing money; all currency retrieved from his pant pockets.

There have been numerous money box raids – some with permission, others permission pending – but the IOUs are stacking up and stressing me out.

I need a clean slate. Cashless society my foot!

Needless to say, there is paperwork involved with most payments and particulars to post on the fridge.

My children barely have time to breathe this week they have so many exciting places to be and things to do.

So, even though we are all feeling a little bit peaky, we intend to power through our excursions, birthday parties, gala balls and concerts and come out the other side actually at the very end of term and absolutely ready to do a whole lot of nothing.

For a couple of days anyway.

Wouldn’t be dead for quids.

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